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Sídlo firmy: Dvořákova 2, 357 04 Lomnice u Sokolova, tel.: +420 352 600 490, tel./fax: +420 352 600 491, e-mail: dikrt@dikrt.cz, web: www.dikrt.cz

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Dikrt s.r.o.


Plastic lining with fluoroplastics

We deliver completly lined vessels from smallest diameter DN 600. Each vessel is expertized along with the tecnical documentation . A outfilled technical form help us to select and grant the best type of lining.
we provide these tests during manufacturing:
-Pressure multiplier 1.5
- tightness multiplier 1.1
- high voltage up to 25kV
- The results shows an included certificate.

Pipe systems

We deliver lined pipe-system in PTFE, PFA, FEP, PVDF, from DN 15 to DM 600 DIN and Ansi.
- flanged pipes
- Elbows 90, 60 45 and 35 degrees standart or encreased radius
- Tees
- Crosses
- Measurement pipes
- Reducing flanges
- Reducers concentric and excentric
- Sight indicators

Chemical hoses Industrial hoses
Chemical hoses lined with PTFE, PFA and FEP
- lined metal hoses
- tubing with or without breading from DN
004 to DN 050
- spiral tubing with or without breading
from DN015 to DN 100
Lined industrial hoses in PTFE and FEB with different endings, for pressures up to 1000 bar.
with one or two breading(s)
Small hoses Expansion joints
small hoses in PTFE, PFA and FEP withou breading from 0,3mm to DN 50 Expansion joints PTFE 2,3,5 convolutes
- stainless steel
- vacuum expansion joint
Lined valves Plates, panels and foils
Lined Valves in PTFE, PFA, FEP
- ball check valves
- diaphragm and clamp valves
- spargers
Plates, panels and foils in PTFE, E-CTFE, PFA, FEP, MFA, PVDF up to 3000x 3000 mm, thickness 2 to 40mm
Lined Dip pipes in PTFE Rods, rings, sealing tapes, mini-hoses
lined reinforced dip pipes in PTFE
Rods, rings, sealing tapes, mini-hoses in PTFE, PFA,MFA,E-CTFE, PVDF
Heat exchangers  
Heat exchangers in PTFE


very good chemical resistance has PFA (perfluoralkoxy) and FEP (fluorethylenpropylen). This materials are used for lining of vessels and pipes a. s.o.
E-CTFE (ethylenchlortrifluorethylen), known as HALAR has wide fields of applications as sheets or powder for renovation or shielding of parts.
For the balance of physical and chemical qualities, possibilities of processing and good pricing relations is this a very often used material.
PVDF offers possibilities of welding of piping systems and lining of vessels.


Completion of the premises of the company

In July 2012, the reconstruction of the entire company premises Dikrt, spol. s ro in Svatava and was expanded storage and production capacities, including spaces. 



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